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Fabulous Finds owes its success to the “Fabulous Ladies” who work on the floor helping our customers, who intake the voluminous consignments on a daily basis, who input all those wonderful items into our data base, and to those who are constantly rearranging and redecorating to fill the holes from sold merchandise to our wonderful “friends” who are always there to help when a regular staff member is ill. We are a team that is supportive of each other as well as to our customers and consignors. We love what we do, we love what we create for you, and we love all who enter our doors and become our friends! Come visit and feel fabulous today. It’s a beautiful thing!
Warm regards,
Clarissa Edelen,

A former flight attendant, who can usually be found at the Point of Sale ringing up your fabulous finds and working on her jewelry displays any free moment the can! She keeps the store running smoothly and everyone properly trained! Look for her hand made scarves they are truly unique and beautiful!


A designer, crafter, and cook who can rival Martha Stewart any day! Melanie is usually on the floor to help you find just what you are looking for. Melanie is our in-house caterer extraordinaire who always puts together the most delicious and beautifully designed events. Look at the displays on top of the dresses, she is usually responsible for all the eye candy. She also makes our custom pillows and table runners. There is not much she can’t do!


Also a prior flight attendant, and current teacher, Marilyn is always willing to help where ever she sees the need. Though usually on the floor chatting away with our customers, she keeps the store organized, neat, clean and always has a fresh pot coffee brewing for the crew!



A former Legal Assistant, who seems to know everyone from north to south on the front range is our in-house fashion maven who is always wearing something that we all seem to WoW over! She knows all the hot spots to shop and is happy to call Fabulous Finds her fun house for shopping and socializing.


Also a former Flight Attendant, Julie is our witty Intake Specialist and in-house jester who keeps us all laughing! She is always there to help you with your consignments and to offer a kind word just when you need it.

kelly Kelly:

Also an Intake Manager with the kindest words guaranteed to make you feel very comfortable and welcomed when you come in to consign. She is mostly responsible for the wonderful pricing you see out there that lets you experience that euphoric feeling of guilt-free retail therapy!
dee_morrison_wedding Dee:

What would we do without her coming in to help out on a moment’s notice. Also a design background, she is the most efficient and organized associate out there. There is no job she can’t tackle. A fabulous friend indeed!


A professional organizer and event planner by trade, Sofia helps run our fashion shows, and helps out in the store when we need an extra person to fill in. We wish we could have her all the time but are grateful when she can come in.

kathyk Kathy:

Kathy is our master pinch hitter who comes in whenever we need an extra hand. A fabulous friend and long time shopper, she was here so much we just asked her to help one day when we were soooo busy! She obliged and has been a part of the family ever since.


Kayleigh is one of our college students who has taken over our Social Media presence by storm. She loves everything about consignment, and has already made a real mark on the business. She is currently the home decor Manager, and is looking forward to going to school for a design degree! You can find her rearranging the home decor store every chance she gets!


Chris is all about style! She can mix and match and get you out of your comfort zone feeling confident and Fabulous! She is all about the detail. Ask for her if you would like a little help getting ready for a big event and need to step out in style.



Lynne is an amazing fashion and home decor designer with years of experience in her own business. Lynne is the go-to gal if you need to put a fabulous outfit together, or even a fabulous room!


Patrice, also a former flight attendant, a gal with a whole lot of style and personality. She will take all the time you need to assist you in your quest to find just what you need for your next event or interview.


A fabulous former IBM’r whom we are fortunate to have be a part of the Fabulous Family Team. She can really put an outfit together with impeccable style! Look for her fantastic mannequin displays in our Full Figure Boutique!”


An elementary teacher throughout the year fashionista sales associate in the summer.  You may see her Saturday’s filling in now and then.


Jessica is our very own in-house musician! A singer, songwriter, pianist, and french horn player! Sometimes a musician’s touch is just what you need.”


Coralyn is one of our intake specialists. She always has the cutest outfit on to match her personality! You can find her behind the intake desk, or behind the scenes doing inventory!


Michelle is our sweet charming southern gal, who can often be found behind the register! She is usually caught wearing a smile or saying something to put a smile on others’ faces. She is fantastic with numbers and helps keep the store in order!


Margaret is our international beauty! She is Polish and proud, and can be found filling in at our intake desk when we need extra hands. If not, you will be sure to see her consigning some great goodies with us!


Julia is a high school senior who has a great simplistic and classy style, and always has time for a customer. She is so sweet and works in between volunteering and school activities!