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About us


Fabulous Finds is Longmont’s first stop for savvy fashionistas looking for an upscale, guilt-free retail therapy experience in search of fabulous furniture, clothing, home décor and more.  We have it all.  And we are an escape from it all!  We are now in our 6th year and boast over 10k regular consignors!  We have expanded six times from just under 2000 square feet to over 8000 square feet and have seen our business grow steadily month after month after starting out in a down economy!  We have 21 employees which never seem to be enough!

We are excited to announce many changes in out West Longmont store. We have brought our Full Figure Boutique into the main store, expanded our shoe department and created a new Jewelry department and Designer Room where we house the Loui, Chanel, Prada and the like.  What allowed us to make all these changes was our recent expansion across the parking lot and the opening of our newest store; Fabulous Finds Home Furnishings.  This lovely store specializes in furniture, home décor, wall art, china, crystal, and fine art.  Stop by as there is always something fabulous to find and it is usually on SALE!

As a destination retail establishment, we have a very dedicated repeat customer base with some frequenting the shop 3-4 times per week to see what’s new!  We have been awarded Rookie Business of the Year by the Longmont Chamber of Commerce as well as one of the top 25 women owned business of the year (2011). We have regularly been awarded  Best Consignment store, Best Women’s Clothing Store, and Best Furniture Store in Longmont and in East Boulder County for most years.

We have a well-defined niche market and cater primarily to women, though we are attracting more men with our furniture and home décor showroom. We are one of the few consignment stores that feature women’s clothing, accessories,furniture and home décor.  Our customers are overjoyed by the quality of merchandise we continue to receive. We attract the environmentally conscious shopper who wants to keep it local and green and those looking for a shopping experience where their senses are satiated and where they can expect excellent customer service.   We are the perfect venue for those downsizing their living situations as well those who have experienced an effective diet or lifestyle change.

If you didn’t already know, shopping consignment has become all the rage! Gone are the days when consignment shopping was your own little secret!  It is now a shopping experience that has become trendy and mainstream.  There is that level of excitement you get when you find that fabulous handbag, designer jacket or a quality bedroom set for pennies on the dollar.  You just can’t get that feeling when you pay full retail in any other store.  There is a mystique to shopping consignment as there is always something new, exciting, affordable and in-style to be found.

As our economy is becoming more environmentally driven, people are more aware that the individual choices they make can and do make a difference.  Consignment allows people to shop while sticking to their environmental convictions to” keep it green and local” while adhering to the three “R’s” as we like to say, Repurpose, Reuse, and Refuse to pay retail!  So not only can you find great quality items but you can find them at a much better price and enjoy doing the environmentally responsible thing all at the same time!  So come on by and see what Guilt-free Retail Therapy is all about!