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I’ve shopped at many consignment shops and Fabulous Finds is definitely the best! Staff is so helpful and friendly too. Their prices and selection are great!
Jane R.

I love this shop!  It’s a “one-stop shop” for all the great places that you would normally go to at a mall.
Mari L

Thank you for opening a new shop where we don’t have to dodge all the little skinies!

I was driving down Airport yesterday and saw your sign and just had to stop in your store! I wanted to send you a quick email about how much I enjoyed shopping there! I had never heard of Fabulous Finds before and was so impressed by your setup and staff that I felt like I had to send you my compliments! I spoke with Toby and thought she was just wonderful!

This store is my happy place. It’s like walking into a best friend’s giant closet with everything beautifully displayed. The staff is friendly and helpful. I drop by often because there’s always some new find. I love their home decor area too. It amazes me how they can make such eclectic styles and items work so beautifully together. I always find a gift item and nice furniture. If you haven’t been there, go! Oh and their consignment system works. It’s a bonus when you have credit to “spend”.

I absolutely love this store! I am always greeted with a friendly welcome and love finding great deals. It amazes me how this company does so much for the community by donating their time and help organize fundraisers. I would highly recommend this store to all of my friends and family and I can’t wait until I go back!
Rose C

Best rookie business in Longmont 2011 for a reason: great place! They are quality seeking so if consigning come with clean pressed clothing on a hanger and don’t take it personally if they reject items- they clearly have an eye for what will move. Great array of clothing, accessories, and home goods/furnishings. Plan to take your time! (I like to go after sushi at my favorite sushi joint, in the same shopping center.) FF appears to be here to stay, and without the parking issues of some almost comparable places on Main.
Karen C

You have everything a girl wants and more!
Sharon S

Fabulous graduation, shower and Mother of the bride dresses from here in late April. Practically all my May 2012 events were styled by Fabulous Finds aparel

You gals make shopping fun for me
C. Stewart

If you cant find anything here you don’t want anything!
Lauren P

Excellent Consignment store to take your clothes and decorative home items to.  Owners are fantastic to work with, always upbeat and great with follow up. Over the past year I have experienced great success in selling my items and also in purchasing merchandise in the store.
Mitzi N

Fabulous Finds has the cutest clothes I have ever seen! The service is wonderful and the owners are so understanding and do their best to help you out. If you need to change up your style for the different seasons, they make it easy. I have never found a better consignment store!
Lexi K

I really liked this place! Found a fancy gown for only $25 and a huge framed picture to go over my mantelpiece for $55. Terrific buys abound, and one can consign one’s no longer used items to earn money from them. Good deal.-

This place is a place worth remembering and coming back to again and again

If you picture yourself in wonderful clothes and accessories
But find your funds are all ties up with other necessities,
Why not stop by and look around
Our FABULOUS FINDS and see what we’ve found.
To fit your budget and delight your eyes
With style and perfect size.
It’s retail therapy for instant refinement,
The magic touch of upscale consignment.
Marion Underwood

This store has put Longmont back on the map

This space has such great energy beyond how beautiful it is, the energy is amazing
Jennifer E

It’s like you already shopped for me so I don’t have to shop all over town!
Linda N

I bought a beautiful garment for an upcoming wedding …  Your salespersons treated me so respectfully … and with sincere communication …Maria (seamstress alteration specialist recommendation) was very professional, patient and caring in her manner!  Thank you so much for the connection … I am looking forward to future shopping trips at FABULOUS FINDS!!
Christine A

I have just found a new destination place
Vicki W.

Hi, I wish you wonderful people every success!  Thanks for what you do, and you make it fun to shop at your store.
Judith M

This store has ruined the thrill of shopping retail – thank you so much!
C. Miller

This is the best consignment store I have ever seen. I shop  here and consign on a regular basis.  I have found this store to be honest, organized and very thoughtful in their business dealings. They are true professionals in every way. The high quality and wonderful way they organize the store will keep me coming back. This store is a great asset to the Longmont  community.You have to see to believe the bargains on designer cloths and fabulous home décor.
Anna A

This store is an absolute treasure.  A woman can come here, relax, shop, BE WAITED ON, enjoy a higher end quality of clothes and accessories, and also have a fair range of re-sale prices.  I have shopped here at least 10 times. Every  time it’s been the same excellent  customer care.  This is my number 1 place to go for fun clothes shopping and for business attire help.

I have received many compliments on the outfits you chose for me.  the gift of your time and expertise was most precious to me!  Your thoughtfulness was beyond anything I had imagined or experienced!
K. Sullivan

I feel like I just went to Vegas and kept rolling 7’s!!
Maryanne W

This is my new Favorite store!
L. Williams

I want to make this store my forever store
D Yeager

I don’t think I have ever been in a store that brings me such comfort and joy as this one

Buy it when you find it.  They don’t have a run of sizes.  You’ll never see it there again!
Lynn B.

Almost my entire wardrobe now consists of wonderful bargains from Fabulous Finds
Joyce J

I could spend one thousand dollars in here right now!
K. Kerr