Clarissa Edelen, owner of Fabulous Finds Upscale Consignment, doesn’t like shoplifters.

She proved it Oct. 22, when Edelen hunted down a woman she says shoplifted several hundred dollars worth of clothes from her shop, located at 600 S. Airport Road.

Edelen said an employee noticed that a woman in the store was pushing a cart that contained several bags that had been stuffed with merchandise from the store. The woman was also wearing clothes that belonged to the store.

When an employee confronted the woman – who Longmont police later identified as 29-year-old Stephanie Waits – she ran out the door, taking the cart with her.

“It was just so egregious,” Edelen said. “It was just so over the top and just so blatant.”

Edelen doesn’t allow her employees to chase shoplifters, so she took it upon herself to do so and bolted out the door after the woman, catching up with her on Airport Road.

“We got into a complete wrestling match,” Edelen said.  Click for full article